Asking Your Vet The Right Questions About Your Dogs Health Care

When adding a new pet to the family it is important to first take the dog to a trusted veterinarian who can give your new dog a thorough examination to determine if it has any medical conditions that need immediate attention. This is essential no matter where you have gotten your pet from. You really have no idea where your pet has been or how it was treated before you got him.

Prior to going to the vet, make up a list of dog health care questions that you may have concerning the care of your new dog. Having a list of dog health care questions will assist you in remembering to ask your questions once you are at the vets office. While your pup is being examined, is a good time to ask your vet the questions that you have prepared. Some vets will allow you to sit and talk after the examination to discuss your concerns, others won’t. I prefer the ones that do.

Having a list of dog health care questions will assist you in remembering to ask your questions once you are at the vets office.

It is very important to find a veterinarian that you can establish a rapport with as you will be seeing a lot of him through the life of your dog, which can be anywhere from 15 to 30 years, depending on the breed of dog you have selected.

If you have adopted an older dog that has not been spayed or neutered, you will want to have this done as soon as possible, unless you have specifically purchased a show dog for breeding purposes. If you have adopted a puppy, follow the vets advise as to what age the procedure can be done.

If you are aware of any pre-condition of your new dog, inform the vet, and then after the initial examination, if you notice any change in your dog’s condition at home, you will be able to direct your dog health care questions more readily and that will help to resolve the problems much quicker. Quite often, you as the owner, will be able to add additional valuable input that will help the veterinarian be more efficient in the care of your dog’s health.

If you are unsatisfied with the answers you get to your dog health care questions don’t be afraid to question your veterinarian’s decisions because the life of your dog could depend on your perseverance with some of these matters. If you are still not satisfied, look for another qualified veterinarian.

Personally, I would find a new vet immediately if your vet starts recommending either Iams or Eukanuba as the choice of dog foods to feed your new dogs. These two brands are owned by Procter and Gambol who pay vets a high incentive to recommend their inferior, yet pricey dog food. Science Diet is another one to avoid. Keep in mind that any dog food that has corn listed as the first two (2) ingredients should be avoided.

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

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