Australian Silky Terrier

Silky terrier is an adorable small pet dog, that reminds in a lot of ways like Yorkshire terrier. It is lively, attentive, rugged, resilient by character and incredibly caring. Being in best appearance, it weighs in at approximately 3.6 – 4.5 kilos with the size of approximately 23 cm. Even with its compact overall size, the Australian Silky Terrier is certainly not second-rate to other terrier dogs. It’s really a fantastic pet dog to have if you are living in a urban center, because it effortlessly adapts even to small living spaces as well as loves his walks, however in his natural element, the open areas, it truly becomes alive and can easily run around in amazing speeds, normally at the expense of its straight silky coat changing into a delightful chaos.

Typically an Australian silky terrier boasts a bright and well-groomed physical appearance, with a strong coat layer covering it from muzzle to tail. The coat layer should not be very long on the limbs beneath elbows and hocks.

Australian silky terrier was carefully bred by crossing Yorkshire terrier and skye terrier, although it is also considered that the Australian terrier have also been mixed up in the crossing. This particular breed of dog, which participated in the American dog exhibitions under toy dog breeds classification and called silky terrier was officially acknowledged in 1959. Yet it’s only right up until not too long ago that it gained the right to be exhibited in Great Britain, which has independent requirements for Australian terrier and silky terrier.

The dog is very small with small limbs, moderately stretched along with lightweight built though fairly robust, and can expertly deal with household pests. It can be characterized by the common terrier qualities, which include sensitivity and alertness, playful disposition and health; its silky smooth coat layer parted in the middle must have a nicely groomed appearance. The regular color – blue and light yellow or gray blue with light yellow – the more pronounced the color, the better. The tail is normally of a significantly deeper blue coloration. The allocation of blue and yellow color is as the following: the forehead should typically be sliver grayish or yellow, the hair surrounding the ears, cheekbones and snout – yellow, the rest of the body – mainly bluish.

The head is longer and thicker, normal of terrier breeds, reasonably broad in between the ears, the skull is flat in between the eyes and the snout is a little smaller compared to the rest of the head. Longer coat on cheekbones and snout is unwanted.

In general silky terrier is a wonderful choice for anybody who wants a small and active dog.

Photo by Åsmund Gimre on Unsplash

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