Best vitamins for toy poodles

Like any breed of dog, the Toy Poodle should be fed in a varied way, with a balanced nutritional intake and the right type of food for its breed.

Vitamins for dogs are indispensable compounds for life and the correct functioning of the organism, at metabolic and cellular level.

There are different types of vitamins, and each one fulfills a different function. But what are the best vitamins for a toy poodle?

Generally, toy poodles need two groups of vitamins: vitamin C along with vitamin B complex (water-soluble) and vitamins A, D, K and E (fat-soluble).

Especially vitamin C and vitamin E for their correct development and health, as well as to maintain their characteristic coat healthy.

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Best vitamins for a toy poodle

  • Vitamin A. Essential for the coat, skin and eyesight.
  • Vitamin B. Contributes to their strength, the functioning of their digestive system, and the maintenance of their coat.
  • Group B Vitamins. In this group, we can find eight vitamins that are vital for the organism of our poodle toys in general.
  • Vitamin C. Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C has antioxidant function, helping to protect cells against damage caused by free radicals.
  • Vitamin D. Indispensable for the assimilation of calcium and other nutrients.
  • Vitamin E. Antioxidant agent, important for older dogs.
  • Vitamin K. Improves the circulatory system and also the immune system.

Complement your toy poodle’s diet.

Some natural foods rich in vitamins that you can offer your toy poodle to complete its diet are natural yogurt, apple cider vinegar, fish such as salmon, sardines, carrots, pumpkin, papaya, melon, watermelon, banana, eggs, honey, and even olive oil.

What is the best food for a toy poodle?

The combination of fresh food with dry food is the best option to cover all the nutritional needs of a toy poodle. Whether it is a puppy or an adult dog, your Toy pet is a carnivorous animal, so it is appropriate for it to eat meat, as well as pasta, rice and vegetables.

In the market there are several brands specially designed for toy poodles such as Royal Canin Poodle Adult Dry Dog Food that have features that will allow you to provide an adequate food for their development.

Remember that the intake of vitamin supplements in a toy poodle is not entirely necessary, as long as it is under a dietary regimen adapted to their age, size and level of daily physical activity.

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