Can you give your dog Tylenol?

It is not easy to see our dog having pains or discomfort, but some caregivers have the bad habit of relieving your pet with medicine from the medicine cabinet like Tylenol.

But why is this a bad idea? Here we will explain

Warning just 1 regular strength tylenol can be toxic for your dog

Can you give Tylenol to your dog?

Tylenol is a medicine or drug that in many countries can be bought over the counter, and is quite common in households.

However, even if you have this drug available, you should NOT give Tylenol to your dog on your own; you can only give it to your dog under veterinarian’s prescription.

When choosing the right medication for a dog, several factors are taken into account such as its species, age, weight, diet, etc.

Besides the type of medication, you should never assume that what works for humans would be the same for pets.

Why is it bad to give human medicines to dogs?

Although there are some medications that can be as good for dogs as they are for people, only veterinary professionals can prescribe medications for pets.

There are several reasons why it can be dangerous to give human painkillers to your dog.

It depends on the type of medication

For example, for humans the use of anti-inflammatory drugs can have mild side effects but for a dog they can be very serious.

In the case of Tylenol, it can cause liver complications and the destruction of red blood cells, and difficulty in transporting oxygen.

Adequate quantity

Also, it will be difficult to give the correct dosage, for this reason the risk of overdosing your dog is very high.

If your dog is accidentally overdosed by human analgesics, is allergic or sensitive to Tylenol, he may suffer vomiting, diarrhea, bloody stools, loss of appetite, kidney damage, failure and even death.

If you have medicated your dog on your own and he shows any of these symptoms, or you think he may have ingested it by accident, see your veterinarian urgently.

Precautions to avoid poisoning your dog with medication

  • Keep all medications out of your dog’s reach.
  • Do not medicate your dog on your own.
  • Follow the guidelines indicated by your veterinarian when medicating your dog.

So, can you give your dog Tylenol?

Yes, dogs can take Tylenol prescribed by a veterinarian who will indicate the correct dosage according to the size and weight of your dog, how often to give it, and for how long.

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