Why Chickpeas Have Replaced Grains in the Best Food for Yorkies

Top Superfoods for Yorkies – #2: Chickpeas


What are Chickpeas?

Chickpeas (or Chick Peas) is a legume Рwhich is a plant family that contains peas, beans, lentils, alfalfa, etc.  They are not considered a nut and are very popular as a nut alternative to humans allergic to nuts, but want the nut experience.

Chickpeas are also called: garbanzo beans, grams, Benegal grams, or Egyption peas.

Chickpeas have been used for food since at least 3,500 BC in Turkey.  They have also been used medicinally since at least 800 AD for various things like increasing sperm and milk, helping treat kidney stones, and provoking menstruation and urine.

However, the reasons why we like chickpeas for Yorkies are for different reasons …¬†


Nutrition Information:

Most dog biscuits are made using a base of grains Рlike oats, barley, wheat, etc.  

But we are starting to see really healthy dog biscuits made with¬†a chickpea base … and here’s why …


The top 6 reasons why most veterinarians will recommend chickpeas for Yorkies:

  1. Good for Immune System
  2. Full of Selenium
  3. Anti-Inflammatory
  4. Grain Free
  5. Full of Antioxidants
  6. Good for Gut Health / Digestion

#1: Chickpeas are Good for the Immune System

Many nutritionists believe that chickpeas are one of the top foods to boost the immune system.  Why?  Because chickpeas are high in zinc.  And we all know how highly recommended zinc is in keeping your immune system strong.

Yorkies are more prone to 4 different health issues that all have ties to immune system issues:  

  1. Keratoconjunctivis Sicca (KCS)
  2. Bronchitis
  3. Digestion
  4. Portosystemic Shunt.

Good superfoods for yorkies would boost the immune system to help provide some protection against these issues that Yorkies are more prone to.  And one of these superfoods is Chickpeas!


#2: Chickpeas are Full of Selenium

The Yorkie breed is¬†more susceptible to an underactive thyroid gland (known as “hypothyroidism”).¬† ¬†

Selenium is a mineral that helps protect the thyroid glands; and is extremely important for healthy thyroid functioning. 

Because chickpeas are high in selenium which helps promote thyroid health, we consider Chickpeas to be a recommended superfood for Yorkies. 


#3: Chickpeas are Anti-Inflammatory

Cataracts, Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS), Bronchitis, and Lymphangiectasia are all health issues that Yorkies are more prone to than other breeds. 

And all of those issues have a relationship with inflammation. 

For example:

  • Bronchitis is inflammation on the trachea
  • Lymphangiectasia is inflammation in the gut
  • Inflammation can be a cause of cataracts and is definitely a problem post-cataract surgery.¬†¬†
  • KCS (commonly known as “dry eye”) is a medical term that means, “inflammation of the cornea and surrounding tissues from drying”.

Legumes (e.g. Lentils, chickpeas, peas, and beans) have all been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.  [1] [2]   Because inflammation is a common problem with yorkies, we recommend that yorkies have a diet high in anti-inflammatory superfoods Рlike chickpeas. 


#4: Chickpeas are Good for Gut Health / Digestion

The yorkie breed is well known for having digestion problems.¬† In addition, they are prone to a gut disease called, “Lymphangiectasia” … which is inflammation in the gut.¬†¬†

Chickpeas are a high fiber food, which is well known to help with digestion.


#5: Chickpeas are Grain Free

Most dog biscuits are made with grains as the base ingredient.¬† Grains such as wheat, rye, and rice are common.¬† But many vets recommend limiting the amount of grains we give our dogs, as too many grains in a dog’s diet can cause problems.

Chickpeas are both gluten and grain free!


#6: Chickpeas are Full of Antioxidants

We’ve all heard of antioxidants and we know how great they are. 

But let’s explain why … ¬†

Our bodies (and the bodies of Yorkies) contain harmful molecules called, “free radicals”.¬† Our bodies naturally produce free radicals and we also can consume free radicals from the air, our food, etc.¬†¬†

The damage our bodies take from free radicals causes many various diseases.¬† So we want to get rid of free radicals as soon as they are created.¬† So what gets rid of free radicals? …. Antioxidants!

Diets rich in antioxidants are good because they remove free radicals from our pets bodies before they have a chance to do too much damage.¬† We want ourselves and our pets to eat a diet high in antioxidants … and chickpeas are high in antioxidants.

The Typical Health Issues of Yorkies

Yorkie’s have some common health issues they are more prone to than other dog breeds.¬† Not shown in this image, but could also be included is hypoglycemia.

When you compare the potential benefits of Chickpeas to the common issues that Yorkies are known for, you understand why we consider Chickpeas to be one of the top superfoods for Yorkies.  

In our Vital Paws Superfood Biscuits for Yorkies, we use Chickpea Flour as the base of the biscuit instead grains.  (most other biscuits use grains as the base ingredient).  

Introducing …

Vital Paws Daily Superfood Biscuits for Yorkies!

Contains the daily superfood recommendations for yorkies!

Customers are reminded that it is entirely of their own accord, right and responsibility to make educated choices with their pet’s health care.

Always consult your veterinarian prior to the use of any herbal product or service.  Products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Customers assume all liability in full for the treatment of their pets. Statements in this guide, our website, and our emails not been evaluated by the FDA and are for educational purposes only.

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