Is this a Vitamin?


If you are already buying decent quality pet food, all the vitamins necessary for your pet should be included in the food.

Giving your dogs vitamins is not recommended by most veterinarians. This is because if your pet takes too many fat-soluble vitamins, they get stored in your pets fat and can have negative effects.

Our products are not vitamins. They are superfoods along with probiotics. Superfoods are loaded with various antioxidants (not vitamins) and are recommended for pets, in addition to their daily food.

What if my dog is not a purebred? (e.g. is a mutt, mix, or cross-breed)

Mutts are typically susceptible to the health problems of all the breeds; however, typically at a reduced risk.

Our recommendation is to buy the product of the purebred that you feel most closely resembles your dog.

Is this Made in the USA?

Yes.  Our products are all manufactured in the USA in FDA registered facilities.

Is this FDA Approved?

Yes.  Our products are made in FDA registered and approved facilities.


Will my dog like eating this?

Yes.  And if not … we’ll give you your money back.

We put the superfoods and probiotics into a delicious biscuit so your dog will consider it like a treat!

And it tastes just like a treat as well.  They’ll never know that it’s actually really, really, really good for them!

What is Paws Fur Cause?

Paws Fur Cause is our charity.

15% of all profits are donated to Paws Fur Cause – which supports various other pet charities.