How to Start Feeding Your Dog with Raw Food

Raw diet for dogs is such a controversial subject. For many, feeding your dog with raw food will give an intestinal trauma. They believe that these raw foods contain many parasites and harmful bacteria if the food is not handled properly. But for others, raw food is a natural and healthy substitute for commercial dog food that comes with overflowing additives and preservatives.

‘Biologically Appropriate Raw Food’ or commonly known as raw food was popularized in 1993 by Ian Billinghurst, a veterinarian. The diet is supported by a theory that dogs are descendants of wolves and they should have a similar diet. Wolves mainly consume raw meat and bones.

There have been many claims that their dogs become healthier after they switched to a raw diet. Most of the dogs that opted for raw diet have seen to have increased energy, healthier coat and cleaner teeth & breath.

Before switching your dog to a raw diet make sure to consult your vet to ensure that you are giving the optimal nutrition for your dogs.

Look for a good source of meat or fish that fits for human consumption. This is to ensure that you are giving them a fresher meat.

If your dog has only eaten commercial foods for his whole life, then offer the raw diet gradually. Begin the raw diet by introducing at least 75 percent of his usual food and 25 percent for a raw food. The proportion can last for 3 days. After 3 days, increase the ratio to 50 percent usual food and 50 percent raw food. The following 3 days should go with 25 percent usual food and 75 percent raw food. On the 10th day, you may complete the transition by giving them 100 percent raw food.

Along with meat, include vegetables in your dog’s raw food to give them a superb nutrition. Vegetables in nature come with overflowing vitamins and minerals.

Offer two portions of raw food in a day, one in the morning and in the evening.

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