Yorkies are a small-sized dog breed, which is perfect for any family. They are fun and active, but their small stature requires a proper diet to stay healthy.

Smaller dog breeds require less food intake than larger breeds, so it is imperative that they eat high quality food that provides them with all the nutrition they need. In general, Yorkies do not need a lot of food.

Most weigh less than 10 pounds and have a small stomach. When looking at what to feed a Yorkie, one of the best food supplements for Yorkies is fat.

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Fats can be good

Fats aren’t all awful. Fats, in fact, are essential for a dog’s health. Fats in the body include vital vitamins at the cellular level.

Fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 can improve a dog’s look dramatically. They aid in the maintenance of a lustrous, healthy coat, which is ideal for a Yorkie.

Fats also aid in the delivery of extra energy while avoiding a variety of health issues in Yorkies. However, too much fat may be harmful, so they should limit their fat consumption to roughly 20% of their total calories.

In most circumstances, dog food has enough fat to satisfy any dog. Manufacturers of dog food offer at least 10% in the lower end of the range.

Fat makes food more enticing to dogs, thus higher-end brands use more. It increases the flavor, ensuring that they always love their meals. Yorkies should consume meals that have the following ingredients:

  • Animal fat in its natural state
  • Oils extracted from seeds
  • Fish oil – omega-3 fat

The omega-3 rules

It is true, it is recommended in many cases, both healthy and sick dogs, but there are some basic rules that you should know:

Vegetable origins are not ok: omega 3 of vegetable origin (soybean, canola oil, flax) is not ok for your Yorkie , as he/she metabolizes animal fats much better.

Always fish: It must be from fish. Always.

Avoid cod liver oil: don’t be mistaken, one thing is fish oil and another is cod liver oil. One has nothing to do with the other.

Salmon fish from time to time: They are naturally present in fish oils such as salmon, and it is by far the best source of omega-3 for Yorkies.

If you give him a fish fillet remember to fry it or boil it little, no more than 3 minutes, or raw, directly.

Photo by Katie Bernotsky on Unsplash

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