Reasons Why Your Bulldog Is Vulnerable To Hypothyroidism

Superfoods Bulldog Hypothyroidism - Reasons Why
Hypothyroidism is common among¬†almost all breeds for aging dogs … but Bulldogs¬†are especially vulnerable.¬†¬†

What is Hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid gland is underactive.¬† It means that it’s not producing enough of the thyroid hormones.¬†

The thyroid gland is located in the neck and produces hormones that help the body use energy, stay warm, and keep critical organs functioning properly (e.g. brain, heart, muscles, etc.).


What Causes Hypothyroidism?

Most hypothyroidism is caused by destruction¬†of the thyroid gland – believed to be caused by the dog’s own immune system killing the cells of the thyroid (e.g. auto-immune disease).¬† It can also be caused by other diseases¬†such as cancer, have too much or too little iodine, damage to the pituitary gland, etc.

Because this process takes time, most Bulldogs that develop this issue will be older, but it can also occur in middle-aged Bulldogs.  


Most Common Symptoms of Hypothyroidism:

  • Lethargic behavior
  • Hair loss
  • Weight gain
  • Dry hair coat / excessive shedding
  • High cholesterol
  • Anemia


Nutrition Recommendations:

We want to find superfoods that may benefit:

  1. The thyroid
  2. The immune system  

Please remember … most diseases aren’t developed overnight … they are developed over years and years of damage that accumulate into a major issue or disease (like hypothyroidism).¬† In other words, don’t wait for your Bulldog to develop hypothyroidism¬†before you take action …¬†prevention is the best cure.


Daily Superfood Vitamins for Bulldogs

Top Superfoods for Hypothyroidism:

#1: Chickpea Flour

Chickpeas are full of selenium.  Selenium is a mineral that helps protect the thyroid glands; and is extremely important for healthy thyroid functioning. 

Because chickpeas are high in selenium which helps promote thyroid health, we consider Chickpeas to be a recommended superfood for Bulldogs. 

Other benefits of chickpeas may include:

  • Immune System
  • Anti-Inflammatory¬†¬†[7] [8]
  • Gut Health / Digestion
Vital Paws Dog Superfood Supplements Multivitamins Uses Chickpea Flour

#2: Omega 3 (Fish Oil)

We all know that fish oil (omega 3) is good for just about everything … and hypothyroidism is no exception!¬†¬†

Like chickpeas, Omega-3’s are good source of selenium – which is critical for healthy thyroid functioning.¬†¬†

Vital Paws Dog Superfood Supplements Multivitamins Uses Omega 3 Fish Oils

Vital Paws Superfood Biscuits for Bulldogs

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