The Best Vitamins and Supplements for a Super Healthy Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu dog, small in size (weighing no more than 7.5 kg), with dense, soft and long hair, is the result of crossing with the Pekingese breed of dog.

They are originally from Tibet and, for years, was considered a “sacred” dog breed, which was given as a gift to the emperors in China.

The American Shih Tzu Club suggests feeding your dog homemade food, such as fresh meats, vegetables and grains.

The Shih Tzu, in its natural environment, ate natural foods to survive before being domesticated. In this article we review the best supplements for Shih Tzu, explain their functions and much more.

How can you be sure your Shih Tzu is getting a proper diet?

It is normal for your Shih Tzu to not get all the nutrients he needs in his regular meals and for these cases high quality vitamin supplements are recommended to complement his diet.

One of the most characteristic features of this breed is his long and silky coat, which must have special care, care that should start with the food itself.

Unfortunately, most of the dog food and food supplements found in supermarkets, besides being manufactured with by-products of low biological value, include vitamins in a chemical or synthetic form.

Many Shih Tzu owners prefer to supplement their dog’s diet with a multivitamin which is a supplement that combines vitamins, minerals and vital fatty acids that can be lacking in standard dog diets.

What vitamins does your Shih Tzu need?

Vitamins such as C and E, which are good for bone and heart health.
Vitamin C, which plays an important role in bone and skeletal development. This is important at any age, but especially in puppies and older dogs whose joints are beginning to show signs of wear and stress.

With its heart-healthy characteristics, vitamin E is a fantastic addition to the diet of older Shih Tzus. If you are unsure which vitamins are best for your Shih Tzu, check with your dog’s veterinarian first.

Supplement Recommendations for a Super Healthy Shih Tzu

Always look for a high quality supplement with a nutrient-rich formula that goes beyond mere vitamin replenishment, which keeps your dog’s immune system healthy and strong.

A good supplement protects dogs against poisons and harmful compounds found in the environment and in foods on a regular basis. Its natural omega fatty acids should be used to help beautify the skin and coat.

It also should reduce the risk of contracting diseases that can affect your pet by fighting free radicals.

The immune system, cardiovascular system, bone structure, neural systems, glands, organs and others benefit from the right supplement.

Vitamin A (from beta-carotene) 1000IU, vitamin E 50 IU, vitamin C 50 mg, minerals, phosphorus 83 mg, potassium 53 mg, zinc 10 mg, calcium 100 mg, selenium 75 mcg are all important to look out for.

Things to Look For:

● 100% natural, human grade ingredients
● Manufactured in the U.S. in an FDA pharmaceutical laboratory (human grade)
● No sugars, fillers or grains
● Safe to use in all life stages; puppies to seniors
● Loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, herbs, vitamins, minerals and more
● 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee

Regardless of what vitamins and supplements your Shih Tzu needs, you must keep in mind that it must be easy to eat and digest, so many supplements and vitamins come in liquid form, chewable tablets and are soft to eat, as well as having a more pleasant taste for your Shih Tzu.

When you combine a balanced diet with a daily vitamin, your Shih Tzu will have all they need to be very healthy on the inside and out.

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