Things All Should Know About Worms in Dogs

Many can be easily confused when they first broach the subject of worms in dogs. Do a bit of research can you can have somewhat of an information overload. Some of this information will be important, some of it will not.

Most don’t have time to do thorough worms in dogs research. There is enough to worry about with the dog, without becoming an expert in its healthcare.

Here are three things that all pet owners should know about worms in dogs.

1. Puppies

All canine owners should be aware that puppies are extremely vulnerable to worms in dogs. Their immune systems have not developed to the same strength as fully grown dogs. Often, they will already have traces of worms when they are born. The worms will have been passed on by the mother.

As soon as a puppy is born, they should be dewormed by a vet. This will eradicate the worms in the puppy. This advice should be strongly heeded.

2. Deworming

Anually, you should have your dog professionally dewormed. This should be done on the same date each year.

Have your dog dewormed regularly, regardless of whether they show any symptoms. Dogs do not display the symptoms of worms until the latter stages of their development. Doing this will wage war on worms in dogs.

3. Children

Human children are at risk from worms in dogs. The reason for this is, like dogs, human children have weaker immune systems than adults. Do not let children play with the faeces of dogs and always make sure they wash their hands after playing with the dog. If you do not do this then you risk your child’s health.

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