Top reasons why probiotics recommended yorkies

Nowadays there is a great nutritional movement that encourages people to actively consume probiotics for their multiple benefits in the case of dogs,  but, is it also a good idea for your Yorkie to consume probiotics?

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are functional foods rich in live microorganisms, especially bacteria (good bacteria and yeasts). The gastrointestinal tract of dogs contains billions of live bacteria and intestines.

Why are probiotics recommended for Yorkies?

If you own a Yorkshire, you probably know that Yorkies have gastrointestinal problems. If not properly treated, some digestion problems can lead to complications such as disease and infection.

In fact, there are studies, such as the one published in the Journal of Small Animal Practice, titled “Effects of a probiotic intervention in acute canine gastroenteritis” ,that have shown how probiotics counteract gastrointestinal problems in Yorkies.

When we include them in their diet, they reinforce the quality of their intestinal bacterial flora, so that it can cope with possible proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. That is to say, we provide “good bacteria” to avoid the overgrowth of other “bad” bacteria.

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Types of probiotics for Yorkies

Natural probiotics

Some of the foods with an older concentration of natural probiotics are:

Natural yogurt: it has of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus bacteria. Yorkies with gastrointestinal problems can eat yogurt as long as it is natural and does not have lactose intolerance.

Kefir: is fermented milk or sugar water, it contains a large amount of live natural microorganisms like yogurt, but also includes others such as Leuconostoc, Lactococci and yeasts (fungi) such as Saccharomyces kefir or Candida kluyveromyces.

Sauerkraut: it is a very common food in Northern Europe. It is a preparation based on fermented cabbage and other vegetables very rich in live microorganisms.

Commercial probiotics

These probiotics come in the form of tablets, granules, syringes, liquid sprays, etc. You can choose any of them for your Yorkie’s gastrointestinal problems but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the safety precautions package.

If your Yorkie is being given antibiotics as part of a treatment, your veterinarian will indicate the need to take a probiotic supplement along with antibiotics.

It is best to offer 1 teaspoon of probiotic food per day with his regular food. Keep in mind that probiotics for humans may not be able to deliver the same effect in dogs.

If you are planning to include probiotics in your Yorkie’s diet, it is best to discuss this with a veterinarian.

Photo by Russ Cuthrell on Unsplash

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