Warning! This Type Of Peanut Butter Is Toxic To Your Bulldog

Xylitol Peanut Butter Toxic Bulldogs

Always be very careful what you give your Bulldog.  What may be “ok” for you to eat may not be ok for your dog. 

One ingredient you especially need to watch out for is called, “Xylitol”.  Xylitol is a sugar alcohol (sugar substitute) used as a sweetener.  

Xylitol is found in some brands of peanut butter.  And we all know how much dogs love peanut butter.

But Xylitol is TOXIC for Dogs.  (and I also think bad for humans, but I won’t get on my personal soapbox about that topic.  :))

When a dog consumes xylitol, it stimulates the pancreas to release insulin – which causes hypoglycemia. 

Hypoglycemia dangerously drops blood sugar levels and results in all kinds of serious issues.

Here are some other items that you may use with your Bulldog that might contain xylitol:

  • Mouthwash
  • Toothpaste
  • Any food labeled as “sugar free” or “zero calories”
  • Gum
Common Ingredients with Xylitol

Here’s your homework …

Go into your cupboard and take a look at the ingredient statement of your peanut butter, mouthwash, toothpaste, any food labeled as sugar free or zero calorie, and gum. 

Do you see xylitol listed?  If so – keep it away from your dog!  (better yet, throw it away and get some natural products).

Xylitol may have some different names … Birch Sugar, E967, Meso-Xylitol, Méso-Xylitol, Sucre de Bouleau, Xilitol, Xylit, Xylite, Xylo-pentane-1,2,3,4,5-pentol.

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